Gather highly qualified, targeted leads with a co-registration campaign. a cheaper alternative to more expensive performance marketing channels.

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Co-registration is a cost-effective way to source new leads for your business: qualified leads with confirmed interest in your product.

The cost-effective way to acquire warm leads

Co-registration uses custom-crafted questions to engage and acquire new leads for your business. We describe your product or service and specifically ask if they’d like to be contacted by your company. To keep this solution cost-effective, your questions are part of a wider online survey together with other companies. 

Our Co-registration campaigns are perfect for businesses who need volume and have call centres or a way of reaching a large number of consumers — from Financial Institutions and Energy providers to Education and Telecom. By confirming interest in your business, we ensure that your contact center isn’t wasting its time reaching out to the wrong people and ensure all leads and data collected abide by spam and privacy laws.

All our leads are opted-in through online collection pages — both mobile and desktop — then verified by our unique data-cleansing system. To boost your contact rate, we confirm address, email and telephone credentials before delivering them by API straight into your CRM system, ready for conversion.

Acquirely owns a number of internal co-registration sites which allows us to monitor and optimise the quality of the leads being delivered unlike others in market.